Newcastle and Sunderland Unite for Mental Health Campaign

North East football club rivals, Newcastle United and Sunderland FC set their differences aside to collaborate on launching new mental health campaign.

The campaign, entitled ‘Be a Game Changer’ will utilise both clubs’ foundations to raise awareness of mental health and encourage positive mental well being in the community. In 2018, the Office for National Statistics reported that the north east region had the highest rate of male suicides (20.4 per 100, 000), a substantial difference from London, the region with the lowest rate of male suicide (13.8 per 100, 000).

The campaign will see the foundations delivering weekly health and wellness sessions where participants have the opportunity to engage in light exercise and to socialise in a low/no pressure environment. The foundations will also provide services such as specific mental health sessions and free health checks for people over 40.

Sunderland’s Head of Sport and Wellbeing, Liz Barton-Jones emphasised the significance of putting rivalries aside to support each other. She said “We are proud to be working with the Newcastle United Foundation on this fantastic project, putting football rivalries aside to encourage people to show their support for their friends and family.”

Another proactive step in the performance industry where the focus is on providing a safe space for like-minded people to come together and engage in healthy behaviours such as exercise. With the added weight of two historical teams, with a historical rivalry, showing support and working together sends a message of unity and harmony being at the core of mental health and what they stand for.

To learn more about the #beagamechanger campaign visit:



Join the movement.

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