Rugby League World Cup Launch Mental Health Charter

Rugby League World Cup 2021 Became the first international sporting event to introduce a mental health charter. RLWC2021 consign to training players, match officials and volunteers in mental health and fitness. The training will emphasise how you can take care of your mental fitness and encourage regular practice. 

RLWC2021 will deliver workshops to youth rugby players and families which, aims to raise awareness of mental fitness and educate them on how to maintain positive mental wellbeing. Additionally, grass roots coaches will be trained to continue carrying out mental fitness workshops.

Joe Dutton, Chief Executive of RLWC2021 said “We’re the first major international sporting event to introduce a Mental Fitness Charter and are determined to make a real impact with people both inside and outside of rugby league, and help to set a precedent for how sporting events can make real change within the communities where they operate.”

This is a major step for sporting events and organisations around the world who will see the moves being made by RLWC2021 and hopefully follow suit by introducing similar plans to educate people about mental fitness within their respective communities.

To learn more visit:

Join the movement.

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