My interests lie in optimisation, motivation and behaviour change.

Welcome to Beyond Better, a platform I created to promote mental training as an everyday

Thank you for visiting Beyond Better Club. My name is Natasha and I founded Beyond Better in 2019 as I wanted to create a platform where people could learn about the different mental skills and practical strategies they could use to enhance their performances and well-being. One of the main missions I have is to shift the perspective from engaging with psychologists to ‘fix’ a problem to working with professionals to optimise learning and development.

Not everyone goes to the gym to lose weight, many people go to become stronger, to build muscle, to build discipline, routine and structure. That is how we need to view mental training and development. This is how we become better.

How We Can Work Together


Founder/ Performance Psychologist
Beyond Better Ltd
Performance psychologist consultant offering one-to-one coaching, teams and group education and workshops

Performance Psychologist
Coventry City Football Club Men’s Academy

Performance Psychologist
Birmingham City Women’s Football Club

Sport Psychology Research Assistant (Las Vegas)
The Optimum Performance Programme in Sports

How I Work

Adopting a Holistic Approach

I believe in developing people. Not athletes, not employees, not actors, but people. To do this, I adopt a holistic approach where my concern lies within educating and practicing skills that are transferable from life to performance and vice versa. Developing holistic people means considering that persons growth from all angles: psychological, emotional, social and physical. I believe in helping people to flourish, regardless of your area of performance.

Being Proactive

I want to change the perception of psychology. In my view, psychological practices are often reactive. That means people, organisations and health systems often integrate psychological skills or techniques into their lives after they have experienced something e.g. an injury, a loss of motivation, major life changes. At Beyond Better I promote the education and practice of psychological skills in a proactive manner, where practices are learnt to encourage growth and development first.

Constant Development

I approach all situations with the mindset of becoming better. Better in character and better in craft. Every situation and every experience gives you an opportunity to learn something. Something about yourself, the company you keep, your abilities and the world. When you start to see your experiences through the eyes of improving at something and even choose your experiences for the purpose of improvement, you are constantly developing. 

What is Beyond Better?

Performance Psychology Service

A private consulting practice offering a variety of services from one-to-one consulting to workshops and resources

Information Hub

A one-stop hub for the latest news, articles and research in performance and sport psychology

Educational Platform

A platform where you can learn about mental skills, psychological techniques and other experiences through our blog

I want to support you through your journey to becoming better and optimising your growth.

Registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist in Training with the British Psychological Society (BPS). Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (DSEP).