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Performance psychology is understanding and training your mind to function at an optimal level that will lead to high level performances in sport, work and life. Whether you are an athlete, a gym enthusiast, a parent or an employee, we all perform tasks that require mental energy and effort. To perform to the best of your ability, it is important that you condition your mind to not only manage all that comes its way, but to thrive in the absence of setbacks or adversary. Training your mind gives you a competitive edge, facilitates preparation and allows you to truly perform beyond your known limits.


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One-to-one Consultations

A private consultation service aimed to identifying the main areas of improvement, planning, designing and implementing psychological intervention to enhance performance

Workshops & Education

Practical and interactive workshops designed to focus on the education and development of one particular skill or area of performance. Tailored to the needs and demographic of the audience

Teams, Clubs & Corporate

Educational talks, workshops and performance coaching with emphasis on group dynamics, communication and leadership. Customised to centre around the nature of the groups goals and environment


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