Beyond the Man

Journeys Driven by Mentality

Beyond the Surface

This new article series brings you long reads of exclusively conducted interviews with athletes and performers from various backgrounds. We get into the psychology behind the performance and the psychology behind the person. It is fair to say that to succeed and achieve at a high level, requires a specific mindset. To be able to bounce back from adversity, adapt to unexpected situations, motivate yourself and perform with confidence are all facets of performance that originate in the mind.

We wanted to get inside the minds of individuals whose accomplishments and drive can only be explained by their mentality. By understanding how the minds of others work, we learn how to integrate successful practices into our lives and reach optimal performance.

Elite footballer, Millie Bright talks leadership, team building and the importance of reflection.

Published: 10/2/21

Professional footballer, Cyrus Christie talks mental resilience, emotional control and trusting the process.

Published: 19/11/20

Gymshark athlete, Michael Smith, talks self-awareness, overcoming challenges, discipline and the optimal mindset.

Published: 1/6/20