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Original articles exploring psychology, performance and well-being. Here, I aim to shift the perceptions of psychology, provide insights into process of psychology consulting and impart practices to enhance well-being and performance

Managing our energy has never been more essential than it is today. With so many distractions and people and things fighting for our time and attention, how can we stay focused?

Do we hate Mondays because we hate Mondays or do we hate them because we have been conditioned to do so? Monday is a mindset. How you view the day and what it has to offer will influence what you take from it. Don’t lose out on a whole day week just because you did not adopt the best mentality.

Many people remain unaware of what the consulting process with a Sport Psychologist actually looks like. This original article takes a look at each step in detail to offer an insight into the process and functions of each stage to give you a greater understanding.

For too long psychology has had a certain reputation and people who seek support from a psychologist have received certain attention. It’s time to move away from the traditional views of psychology, of ‘fixing a problem’ to preparing for life’s inevitable challenges.

Anxiety is common. Managing that anxiety in productive ways is probably less common. It’s the small, everyday, habits that create the biggest change in thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

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