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Managing our energy has never been more essential than it is today. With so many distractions and people and things fighting for our time and attention, how can we stay focused?

Las Vegas Aces Star, Liz Cambage has withdrawn from the Tokyo Olympics, citing mental health.

Do we hate Mondays because we hate Mondays or do we hate them because we have been conditioned to do so? Monday is a mindset. How you view the day and what it has to offer will influence what you take from it. Don’t lose out on a whole day week just because you did not adopt the best mentality.

Many people remain unaware of what the consulting process with a Sport Psychologist actually looks like. This original article takes a look at each step in detail to offer an insight into the process and functions of each stage to give you a greater understanding.

Brand new research from St Mary’s University in London highlights pattern recognition skill transference from Esports (FIFA) to traditional football. This research demonstrates potential benefits for athletes practicing esports in order to enhance on field pattern recognition and performance.

For too long psychology has had a certain reputation and people who seek support from a psychologist have received certain attention. It’s time to move away from the traditional views of psychology, of ‘fixing a problem’ to preparing for life’s inevitable challenges.

An under researched area in sport, parent-athlete relationships have a major influence on the success of the athletes’ career and prosperity of mental well-being. This review examined different theories and research that relate to parent-athlete relationships and makes suggestions on how to progress.

Anxiety is common. Managing that anxiety in productive ways is probably less common. It’s the small, everyday, habits that create the biggest change in thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Anxiety is common. Managing that anxiety in productive ways is probably less common. It’s the small, everyday, habits that create the biggest change in thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

We all want to achieve peak performance, but how many of us actually know what we need to do to get there? Forbes suggest we need: variety, challenge and collaboration…

The Philadelphia Phillies have expanded their mental health department to provide increased support and place focus on the mental side of the game and well-being

Dr. Kensa Gunter is a licensed psychologist and certified mental performance consultant. In 2020, she was brought into the NBA on their Mind Health program. Dr. Kensa sat with to discuss how the NBA are continuing the conversation around mental health, especially during this time where mental health has gained much (overdue) attention, largely due to impact of the pandemic.

Flow state is something all athletes aspire to achieve. It has been described as being ‘in the zone’ where you are fully immersed in an activity that you lose all sense of time and space. Flow often produces the best performances and feelings of euphoria. But how can you reach flow state? Check out this read to understand more and get yourself there.

Bodybuilding, training, working out, conditioning, whatever you want to call it, the principles are the same. Are you asking these yourself 4 essential questions?

New research has emerged that explores the perspectives of Canadian University coaches on integrating sport psychology and mental performance consultants in varsity programs. One main take away was that building strong, honest, and open relationships with athletes and coaches are keys for success.

Knowing your personality type and the associated traits can enable you to adapt your behaviour in favour of your learning preferences. For example if you are an introvert and dislike group work, if you are aware that this is just part of your personality, you are able to prepare and manage your emotions and practical tasks for when you have to collaborate.

ASICS has partnered with charity Mind for a mental health initiative that aims to promote physical exercise and fund research in mental health in sport.

Oregon State have launched a mental health program aimed at opening the conversation on mental health and ending the stigma attached to it.

Originally focusing their efforts on student athletes OSU’s mental health program, DWI, has expanded to the entire student body. DWI aims to encourage male and female students to open up about their emotional and mental health without judgement.

Whether it’s to get out the house, a form of exercise or to socialise, we have seen an increase in running this past year. Take one coach’s advice on how you can improve this year.

UofPenn Athletics setting an example by turning their attention to mental performance training during the pandemic. As sports continues its slow recovery, Penn Athletics have supported their teams by engaging in mental training and ensuring the health and well-being of their student-athletes

A constantly evolving world requires you to grow with it to be an effective leader. This year has brought many challenges and forced leaders to embrace new skills and mindsets in order to succeed. Learn how you can welcome new skills and mentality to do better.

This literature review takes a look at the benefits of broadening understanding of music performance anxiety through psychological perspective. Emotional state, emotional regulation and conceptual frameworks are discussed.

A short article discussing 4 things that you can do right now to improve your mentally. Advice straight from the experts.

This unique research explores the critical moments of sport psychology practitioners that have contributed to their development as a professional. Participants ranged from neophyte practitioners to very experienced. Understanding the critical moments outlined in the research could help to inform and improve the education pathway for sport and exercise psychologists. Read the full paper below.

Building a growth mindset can be difficult. Unfortunately we are not all born with this gift. However, that does not stop us learning from those that are. In this article, leadership consultant and professors Dr. Jonathan Westover, discusses the differences between a fixed and a growth mindset and how you can model the latter for others.

Mental rest is more important than ever. With the stresses of life, setbacks in performance and unprecedented circumstances many of us are facing, it can be difficult to focus on our performances and prioritise health. This article list just a few of the ways you can engage in psychological rest.

With the increase of female participation in sport, researchers have declared the need to better understand the psychology of the female athlete. Factors such as resilience and mindfulness play a significant role in sport performance. This review investigates how mental and emotional well-being of the athlete influences their athletic performance

This article outlines just a few of the principles from sport/performance psychology that are transferable to the workplace. The principles and concepts within the respected domains are often parallel: commitment, determination, pressure etc. Learn how business leaders can take some of these concepts from sport psychology world to thrive in their own world.

With the recent protests, following the unlawful killing of George Floyd, there has never been a more imperative time to discuss race in all aspects of society. Recent research has examined the cultural competence of sport psychology practitioners. Participants admitted that they were generally unaware of how their cultural identify influenced their work. Read the full research paper below to learn more

Runner, James Mays looks back on his time in the 1000m and how he dealt with pain. Pushing his limits and enduring the physical, psychological and emotional pain that comes with it, this article looks provides an insight into how you can confront pain and use it forge on.

Research examining sport psychology in the Paralympic environment is widespread. However researchers argued a lack of research into the perceptions of significant others like coaches and support staff. Ringland (2020) investigates this concept with members of the Irish Paralympic team, coaches, medical staff and performance managers.

The International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology has encouraged authors and practitioners to contribute to their publication with articles and research about working through the global pandemic. Schinke et al., (2020) discuss topics such as athletic identity and anxiety. They offer guidance to practitioners in working with clients at this time and discuss the path forward.

In the Handbook of Sport Psychology (4th edition, 2020), chapter 4 takes a dive into the cognitive neuroscience behind superior sport performance. Various topics are discussed e.g. the efficiency of mental processing and a wide range of experimental research is examined. You can read and download the full chapter.

Research exploring the influence of competitive orientation (competitive nature or non-competitive nature) on performance during competition has discovered mixed results. Read the full paper to learn more

Sport Psychologist, Michael Gervais, sat down with GQ to discuss the role of mindfulness in sport performance and how he believes it is the next groundbreaking practice. Read the full interview.

USOPC announce mental health taskforce to support Team USA athletes, not only whilst managing the impact of the coronavirus, but beyond. USOPC aim to support athletes with holistic development throughout their careers. Learn more below

Daily FX have released a series of webinars covering topics related to trading psychology. Each webinar going in-depth on a particular subject and is filled with great content to educate yourself. Watch all the webinars and take your trading performance to new heights now.

Applied practitioners collaborated to bring an insight into the current state of sport psychology. A valuable insight into the position of the industry and its presence in sport and performance

New research examining coping tendencies and burnout in athletes. With an increase in training loads and pressure across performance, burnout has recently been a hot topic.

USA Swimming partner with Talkspace to deliver new mental health program where national athletes receive a free mental health service

League of Legends Head of Performance, Fabian Broich sat down with Lara Lunardi to talk about his role as performance coach and how he supports players’ mental development

Rugby League World Cup 2021 (RLWC2021) Launch Mental Health Charter educating youth and senior players, coaches and the community on mental fitness.

North Eastern (UK) football teams have come together to deliver a mental health campaign designed to promote positive mental well being to its supporters and surrounding community. #BeAGameChanger

New research on the impact of status momentum within rank ordered hierarchies highlights detriments in performance of tennis and chess matches when competitors are aware of their opponents ascending rank.

Sport psychology consultant and associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark, Carsten Larsen, PhD shared a short insight into the current use of sport psychology within Danish football.

New research on clutch performance in sports, exercise and physical activity has demonstrated notable variety in definition, conceptualisation and measure of clutch performance.

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