Individual Consulting

A private consultation service aimed at identifying your main areas of improvement. Together, we plan, design and implement strategies to enhance performance, lifestyle and well-being

What is it?

One-to-One sessions involve working with the client on their area of performance, over a period of time. Through a series of assessment modes I help you to identify areas of improvement and how to overcome them so that you can perform optimally. Whether your confidence has been a bit low lately and holding you back, or you need to manage your anxiety before giving that important presentation, I work with you to develop your knowledge and psychological skills, improve your performance and your well-being.

How does it work?

The process begins with an initial one-to-one session covering a range of topics. We discuss your background, what led you to your area of performance, highs, lows, coping mechanisms and your short term and long term goals. This helps me to get to know you and understand where and how you can improve to consistently perform at an elite level.

The process continues with delivery and tracking of a chosen intervention. This means that during the process, I will have gathered information and scientific research leading to a professional judgment of how best to develop your skills. This could lead to the introduction of a new psychological skill or method of developing practices you may already engage in.

Initial assessment

Understanding your needs

Constructing your case

Choosing an intervention

Planning an intervention

Delivery and monitoring

Common areas of development

Injury Rehabilitation

Stress Management

Performance Anxiety

Lifestyle management

Building confidence

Attention & focus

Let’s Work Together

Registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist in Training with the British Psychological Society (BPS). Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (DSEP).