Please get in touch if you require a tailored package of services

One-to-one Sessions

I offer one-to-one sessions* both online and in person. Both options begin with a FREE intake session, where we discuss your reasons for seeking support expectations, challenges and goals. This allows us time to get to know each other. After this session,, you are encouraged to consider if you would like to pursue a working relationship with me or not.

Please Note:
*Travel costs to be added and calculated by 0.40 (less than HMRC recommended expense) x distance in miles

Costs not only reflect the time spent with the client, but time outside of sessions preparing, conceptualising and planning strategy development. It also corresponds to experience and training levels which, you can view on request.

Workshops & Education

Educational talk (60 minutes +15 mins for Q & A)
from £200

Interactive workshop (60-70 minutes)
from £250

For a series of talks/workshops, rates can be negotiated


I offer a discounted rate for students aged 18+ pursuing a career in sport at (at least) the amateur level.

Online Consulting

First session free

1 x session lasting up to 75 minutes

Package of 3 x session up to 60 minutes
from £40.00 p/session

Package of 6+ x session up to 60 minutes
from £30.00 p/session

Let’s work together

Registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist in Training with the British Psychological Society (BPS). Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (DSEP).