One-to-one Consultations

A private consultation service aimed to identifying the main areas of improvement, planning, designing and implementing psychological intervention to enhance performance

Workshops & Education

Practical and interactive workshops designed to focus on the education and development of one particular skill or area of performance. Tailored to the needs and demographic of the audience

Teams, Clubs & Corporate

Educational talks, workshops and performance coaching with emphasis on group dynamics, communication and leadership. Customised to centre around the nature of the groups goals and environment

Common Areas of Performance Improvement

Injury Rehabilitation

Loss of confidence and motivation and increased stress are just some of the mental struggles of injury. Bypass these emotions by learning how to maintain positive and productive thought processes and practices that do not get you back to where you were, but take you further than before your injury.

Stress Management

It can be mentally and emotionally taxing, especially if you do not utilise your resources to manage your stress effectively. By understanding how stress is processed in the mind and shown in the body you can use this to your advantage. Learn how you can shift your mindset to minimise the effect of stressful situations and use stress management techniques.

Performance Anxiety

Remembering all of your preparation for the moment you worked for and remaining calm as you’re about to perform can be easier said than done. Regulate your anxiety. Understand where it comes from and why in order to override it and perform at your best.

Group Dynamics

Leading your team to victory can sometimes be difficult if all members aren’t on the same page. Enhance communication, build relationships and ensure group cohesion. Group chemistry off the field and out of the workplace makes for greater togetherness when the time comes to perform. Before being performs, we are people who require connection to work effectively, together.

Lifestyle Management

Committing to making small changes in your lifestyle creates massive long-term positive results. Instilling new habits and practices that facilitate a healthy, positive and productive environment is effectively managing your lifestyle. It is essential to manage relationships, time, social media and stress to allow you to perform at your best when it counts.


Having confidence and performing with conviction are characteristics of elite performers. Approaching every task with optimism and poise over time creates faith in oneself. Even if you are not successful or do not perform optimally, your confidence in how you prepare for and approach your performance will set you apart from the rest of the competition.

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