Training Matters: Why work on your mental game with a mental performance specialist?

During this time when sports are on pause for the foreseeable future, many athletes are wondering what they should be doing. They can work on building physical strength and conditioning to ensure they are in shape and ready to hit the ground running when leagues and organized sport begins again. However, it is hard to [...]

Next Level Leadership: The New Skills & Mindsets Needed to Lead Others Into the Future

Information sharing via the internet has unleashed a whole new playing field for businesses. Leaders have had to begin working on different skills for a few years, but 2020 has pushed the envelope and created a definitive mandate for the shift to happen or else fail.  Add in this year’s level of unexpected and volatile [...]

Why Mindfulness is the Next Step in Sport Performance

We recently published a post on Instagram where sport psychologist, Michael Gervais, details what it’s like working with the Seattle Seahawks and how he uses mindfulness to advance athletic performance (see video here) A couple of weeks ago, Michael Gervais sat down with GQ to discuss this topic further and demonstrate why mindfulness is the next [...]

League of Legends EU Championships Performance Coach Discusses Role at Excel

Fabian Broich took the time to discuss his role as Head of Performance for the League of Legends group competing in the 2020 Championship series. Check out the full interview below. Can you explain to us what your role with Excel is? My role is Head of Performance. I have a sports psychology background and [...]