Team Consulting

Integrate psychology into your performance development system, your coaching and the performance environment. Through a combination of customised workshops and performance coaching focused on group goals and environment, see where you can take your team.

Four minds are greater than one

Working collaboratively within a team can be very rewarding. It can also pose many questions:

  • How can we get this group to work better together to achieve their goal?
  • How can we improve communication?
  • What is the best leadership style for this group?

Performance psychology can help you to understand how people work within a group, group dynamics and social behaviour. By understanding what type of instruction a team of football players respond to best, or how a group of colleagues in the workplace get the most from communication, you can modify your own behaviour and start working more productively.

Common areas of development

Organisational change

Team building


Creating a culture


Team dynamics

Let’s Work Together

Registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist in Training with the British Psychological Society (BPS). Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (DSEP).