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An interactive, hands on seminar on one topic or area. Designed to educate groups on mental skills to allow them to apply what they learn to performance

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An informative talk outlining the theory and application of one or multiple topics. Lessons are constructed with the age and area of performance of recipients in mind

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A one of a kind, customised tool to provide clients with a physical resource to work with. An introductory booklet, worksheets, ‘how to’ guides and more.

Take your team further

There are a variety of ways in which Natasha offers education, from workshops to information packs. Depending on your needs, she creates a tailored one off session, weekly talk, or educational resource to suit you. Our workshops offer education through more interactive methods to engage the audience and focus on a particular skill or technique e.g. team building and cohesion, stress, anxiety, pre performance routines etc. All workshops, lessons and resources are adapted to the age group and area of performance, giving a completely customised mental exercise and learning experience.

Case Studies

One off educational talk at Computer Futures, Birmingham.

A recruitment agency, where most employees earn commission in addition to their annual salary, were educated on mental health in performance. More specifically, we advised and informed employees how they can handle stress and emotions effectively, to enhance performance and well-being.
The talk lasted for 60 minutes and covered an introduction to mental health and its relevance to performance in the workplace, potential workplace stressors and the potential affect of those stressors if not processed and managed effectively.
Employees were asked to provide examples of how they deal with stress or anxiety and then offered other, more productive ways of managing emotions. This included; open communication, evidence based cognitive behavioural methods, mindfulness and more.

Pre performance routines workshops with a Women’s Super League team.

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss pre-performance routines, what they are, how they work and the benefits of having one. Additionally, it was essential to outline things to consider such as. timing.
The workshop lasted for 70 minutes and had a combination of interactive learning methods. Videos and quizzes were used to engage the audience and ensure they paid attention. Worksheets were handed out to each player, with instructions and activities to complete when notified.
Lastly, based on what the players had just learnt they were given the opportunity to develop their own pre-performance routine in a way that best suit them. This would depend on practices they already engaged in before performances and what they inted to achieve from their routine.

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