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Finding a Supervisor

This post takes you through my process of identifying suitable supervisors to guide you through stage 2. This took longer than expected due to a) the pandemic, b) being unaware of the rules of supervision and c) narrowing down potential supervisors based on little information about them.

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A new blog series exploring the journey to becoming a Chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologist with the British Psychological Society.

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Personal Journeys: A Blog Series

One of the things I felt was missing during my experience at University (and afterward) was guidance for getting work experience and then actually practicing as a sport psych: Who is best to contact? How do I make professional judgements? What is a philosophy of practice and how can I develop one? I am beginning to learn all of these things that they don’t teach you. I hope you can learn from them too and that by sharing my experiences I offer you something I felt I never had.

Background to my journey

Deciding on a masters course

The course

The biggest

Securing work experience

The first

The second placement (1/2)

The second placement (2/2)



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