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This post takes you through the admin process of enrolling on to the Qualification in Sport and Exercise Psychology with the BPS. I discuss the checklist of documents you need to submit as well as some unexpected costs.

Personal Journeys II

Following on from Personal Journeys I, I continue to take you through my experiences of becoming a Sport and Exercise Psychologist. This series details my growth since enrolling on the BPS training pathway, learning from my supervisors, learning through doing and learning through reflection. As with most things shared on this platform, my hope is that some of the experiences outlined and the lessons learned will be helpful to you on your own journey.

Understanding the hours

Networking and relationships

Philosophical approach

My first client (one-to-one)

My first client (group)

The Archives: Personal Journeys I

One of the things I felt was missing during my experience at University (and afterward) was guidance for getting work experience and then actually practicing as a sport psych: Who is best to contact? How do I make professional judgements? What is a philosophy of practice and how can I develop one? I am beginning to learn all of these things that they don’t teach you. I hope you can learn from them too and that by sharing my experiences I offer you something I felt I never had.

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