Music is an integral part of performance.

Whether it’s subtly played as background music in your office or blasted in celebration of smashing your performance, it is everywhere and it fuels us. These playlists have been carefully curated to provide the sound to every stage of performance and the lifestyle that accompanies it. You can except modern contemporary genres like: hip-hop, RnB, dancehall, afrobeats, grime, drill as well as pop.

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Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

We may turn to books to expand our knowledge and learn about ourselves and our craft. Reading, however provides a sense of stillness and requires a level of mindfulness to remain engaged. These books have been read and reviewed by our team and meticulously selected for their ability to teach the knowledge and skills necessary for high performance. We aim to add one book a month, for your pleasure and development.

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Recommended Applied Reading

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Be part of the conversation.

Sometimes we prefer to listen to what people have to say, than read what they have to say. Podcasts bring you in on the conversation and give you another way to educate yourself. We have mindfully created a list of podcast series and episodes for you that discuss a range of subjects with a range of guests.

Podcast Episode of the Week

This episode of the week comes from The Sport Psych Show, hosted by Dan Abrahams. He is joined by Hannah Huesman, a mental skills coach for the Philedelphia Phillies Major League Baseball, organisation. Hannah discusses her work and approach which, we found interesting as many of her thoughts and rationalisations took a similar perspective to our approach here at Beyond Better. A great episode, with lots of knowledge nuggets


Storytelling through the visual arts.

Recommended videos that give an insight into the world of performance at the elite level. From building a new culture to the mental strength needed to survive the off season, organisations have began to share their journey. You will appreciate the world of elite performance a lot more after seeing what it takes to get there.

In the Spotlight

‘Track the Pack’ follows the Minnesota Timberwolves from their pre-season through their 2019-2020 NBA season. See how they work to build a new culture and a team which values cohesion over individual performance.
‘The Voyage’ follows the Minnesota Vikings from their off-season and draft day as they prepare for their campaign. Observe the mental struggle of surviving the off season workouts and how they intend to avoid a repeat of last years gut wrenching loss vs long time rivals, Chicago Bears.
‘Home Grown Fighter’ is a series that follows UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell as he battles his way from the fishing holes and farms of his hometown Arkansas, USA, to the canvas inside the octagon.
Impact Theory is a series with Tom Bilyeu, where he discusses the nature of performance and behaviour with his guests. A deep insight into the human mind from some of the worlds great modern thinkers, authors, psychologists and scientists.
Philedelphia Eagles QB, Jalen Hurts, showcases his training and skills in preparation for the 2020 NFL combine.
Eric Thomas’ motivational speech on achieving success and how discipline will get you there
Sport Psychologists, Michael Gervais talks about the influence of mindfulness on performance with athletes in the NFL
Lebron James discusses being a Laker and the importance of mental skills
Our favourite Kobe Bryant Interview
Big Sean talks mental rest, discovering himself again and going back to his roots

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