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Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

We may turn to books to expand our knowledge and learn about ourselves and our craft. Reading, however provides a sense of stillness and requires a level of mindfulness to remain engaged. These books have been read and reviewed by our team and meticulously selected for their ability to teach the knowledge and skills necessary for high performance. We aim to add one book a month, for your pleasure and development.

Good to Great

James C. Collins

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Shoe Dog

Phil Knight

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High Performance Habits

Brendon Burchard

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Mind Gym

Gary Mack & David Casstevens

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Thinking Fast & Slow

Daniel Kahneman

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Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman

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The Last Season

Phil Jackson

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Alex Hutchinson

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Where Others Won’t

Cody Royle

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The Champions Mind

Jim Afremow

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Zero to One

Peter Theil

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It’s All in Your Head


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Doing Sport Psychology

Mark Andersen

Applied Sport Psychology

Hemmings & Holder

Being a Sport Psychologist

Richard Keegan

Applied Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology

Tod & Eubank


Sometimes we prefer to listen to what people have to say, than read what they have to say. Podcasts bring you in on the conversation and give you another way to educate yourself. We have mindfully created a list of podcast series and episodes for you that discuss a range of subjects with a range of guests.

Podcast Episode of the Week

Show: The Model Health Show
Hosts: Shawn Stevenson
Guest: N/A
Topic: Sleep, sleep hygiene, habits, lifestyle changes


Storytelling through the visual arts.

Recommended videos that give an insight into the world of performance at the elite level. From building a new culture to the mental strength needed to survive the off season, organisations have began to share their journey. You will appreciate the world of elite performance a lot more after seeing what it takes to get there.

Track the Pack
Minnesota Timberwolves
Building the Browns
Cleveland Browns
Home Grown Fighter
Bryce Mitchell
The Voyage
Minnesota Vikings